Everybody Should Have an Website

March 9, 2018

Everybody has social networks apps, probably more than one. But not a lot of people own websites.

The assumption is building an website is hard and probably requires some cost. Even Wordpress famous 5 minutes installation do is Live

February 2, 2018

Initially building Dochameleon was purely for fun. Writing code is like playing video game to me. Docusaurus was like a new game release.

So just play.

Since Dochameleon is my own

Staging Step

January 10, 2018

The basic idea of Dochameleon is to generate a static web server by using Server-Side-Rendering. Contents are combined from core library and specific project.

Combining from two sources can be tricky

Why Dochameleon

January 8, 2018

It is not hard to guess where the idea of Dochameleon is from.

With Docusaurus built and maintained by awesome team from Facebook, why do I want to build another one?

One personal reason is I am so excited about Docusaurus. Can't stop checking around, rewrite, restruct source code. So only way to satisfy is to create a new project.